Newronia develops software components to <strong>integrators</strong> to improve their software capabilities <strong>planning</strong> and <strong>optimization</strong> and thus give <strong>added value</strong>Newronia offers services leveraging its know-how in artificial intelligence techniquesNewronia performs custom specific fleet optimization projects for a customer.


Newronia offers artificial intelligence based solutions to end users willing to optimise their resources, as well as software integrators willing to include intelligent algorithms in their software, giving added value to their product:

  • Software components for integrators. Newronia's components can be integrated into ERP or CRM systems, among others. The goal is to improve such systems with planning and optimisation features.
  • Tailor made solutions. Tailor made projects are specifically designed to meet the clients needs and their characteristics. Such projects can be either a software application or an efficiency study.
  • Consultancy. Newronia's tema background allows it to offer Artificial Intelligence based solutions to solve constraint satisfaction and optimisation problems (genetic algorithms, local search, simulated annealing, linear programming, etc.), as well as decision making support systems and machine learning.

Lines of work

Newronia works in two main lines of solutions:

  • Route optimization
  • Space optimization

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