60th Flower festival of Girona

60th Flower festival of Girona

(08/05/2015) Tomorrow morning, Saturday May 9th the Flower Festival will be inaugurated in the Cathedral steps. The streets, monuments, patios and gardens of the Girona are filled with flowers. It is the single occasion of the year when courtyards of the stately homes of the city are open, and you can visit them decorated with flowers designs of all kinds.

On the occasion of the 60th celebration of this festival, the best dessert chef in the world, Jordi Roca, has created a limited edition chocolate.

Visit the festival's website for information on the different open courtyards and activities.

Do not miss any activity!

And of course, if you come from abroad, take advantage of these spring days to discover the city of Girona and the Costa Brava.

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