Marine planning and security assistance

Marine planning and security assistance
Safetrx screenshot

(06/08/14) Recently, "Salvamento Marítimo” (the Spanish marine search and rescue department) has launched the mobile application Safetrx to track boats’ courses. Most rescue operations in charge of this department are due to recreational boats, and this application aims to predict emergency situations while offering tracking navigation to family and friends: if the vessel should arrive to a place at a given time, and it has not been reached it, then “Salvamento Marítimo” will be put on alert.

In terms of planning for the sea, it implies a certain degree of uncertainty due to the changing state of the sea, wind, etc.. But everyone knows that planning is essential for safety; it is one of the first issues taught in nautical schools. GPS and other devices on the boats help on this task.

As for the monitoring of ships, so far, you could also use theAIS system, as it is required for larger vessels, which allows you to follow the route of vessels from a web page. The novelty of Safetrx is the active monitoring by rescue authorities of citizens sailing trips.

Good news to start the holiday season for those of us who like to enjoy the sea. Hopefully this initiative can be extended to other sports such as hiking and mountaineering, for the safety of all.

Happy summer time!

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