Smartgreeens: optimization techniques come to Smart Grid

Smartgreeens: optimization techniques come to Smart Grid
Smart Grid

(07/04/2014) This week has taken place Smartgreeens 2014 congress where they have shown different advances in energy management in what is known as the Smart Grid. This term refers to the management of the power energy distribution network in an intelligent way, incorporating and managing renewable energy with the ultimate goal of improving the energy use (energy efficiency) and become all of us a more sustainable society.

While the goal is laudable, it is true that the last news regarding price per hour of electricity, as the result of such intelligent demand management, continues to be a concern for the citizen who can not cope with all the information at their disposal to improve their consumption.

In Smartgreeens solutions have been proposed to provide support for industrial but also for citizens. And a large majority of solutions have been designed based optimization techniques, similar to the ones developed in Newronia.

Examples of this has been a proposal to combine solar panels in homes with electric vehicle loads (both for a single or a collective set of houses), the location of a charging electric vehicle "equidistant" to a group housing, optimum utilization of appliances depending on pricing. The results presented at the conference correspond to experiments in pilot European cities. Hopefully such tools will be available to everyone .

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