Happy anniversary Newronia!

Happy anniversary Newronia!
3rd anniversary

(15/02/2014) Today we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the official foundation of the company. However, if we go back in time to the moment we started to work towards this end, we can count more than 4 years. In 2010, during the economic crisis, we set out this adventure. We have made the leap from academia to business, and

the success of being here is largely due to our partners and customers.

Obviously, we have also helped our customers and partners in the process of optimizing their services, resulting in a mutual win.

We started with the route optimization engine Plan It!. Now we have the Routing Reparto product to optimize routes online. Along the way we have developed various projects for our clients, all related to our experience: the intelligent optimization.

Our team is key in this process. In 2014 and future years, we face the challenge of growing.

Thanks to all!

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