Improvements in the algorithm Plan it!

Improvements in the algorithm Plan it!

(21/10/2013) The R&D team of Newronia has improved its Plan it! algorithm for route planning by providing it with new capabilities and reducing its execution time by 5%.

The intelligent algorithm Plan it! uses techniques based on Artificial Intelligence to determine how best to deploy clients to visit amongst different vehicles in a fleet and what is the best visit order to minimize costs and meet delivery windows of customers.

The new version provides new capabilities and has reduced the computation time by 5%

One of the new features introduced is the possibility to have several tanks in vehicles allowing route calculation taking into account the need to refill each different content. This improvement is very useful to optimize routes in sectors such as waste collection or transport of gasoil.

The hard quality tests which has undergone the algorithm have given a positive result and the algorithm will be shortly added to Routing Reparto.

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