The electric vehicle: the silver bullet

The electric vehicle: the silver bullet

(06/09/2013) The European Union has agreed to reduce 60% of CO2 emissions in the transport sector in 2050. In this concern, the electric vehicle is the key. As a result, there is an avalanche of conferences and events dedicated to this product (see, for example, the upcoming events ENAVATE and “Boosting European Electric Vehicle Market”). Moreover, ground transport is not the only modality for this vehicles, but also sea transportation (see eg PLUGBOAT -although dedicated to sports and leisure-) and aircrafts (see sample prototypes at IEEE Spectrum).

However, changing the fleet of vehicles is not the single action required to implement the use of electric vehicles, but

to establish mechanisms for coordination and collaboration between different types of industries and businesses to electric vehicles a reality: telecommunications, energy suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Another indicator of the reality of electric vehicles is in the engineering curricula, which collect subjects devoted exclusively to this type of vehicle. For example, at the University of Girona, the Electrical Engineering degrees include the subject "electric drive vehicles" designed not only to cars, but also to trains, which are working since a long time ago with this type of energy.

Another issue to address is whether the electric vehicle is the only alternative to gasoline. We must be aware of the results of conferences and symposia to learn more about that.

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