International Logistics & Material Handling Exhibition (SIL2013)

International Logistics & Material Handling Exhibition (SIL2013)
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(21/06/2013) During the 18, 19 and 20th of June, the 15th International Logistics & Material Handling Exhibition has been held in Barcelona, with more than 500 participating companies. This year the event has taken place in a different location than in the previous editions, in the Hall 8 of the Exhibition Center of Fira de Barcelon at Montjuic. According to Enrique Lacalle, presidend of the Exhibition, this change in location is because "we want to be closer to Barcelona so that all exhibitors and visitors can fully enjoy everything Barcelona can offer to them".

45% of the companies at SIL were from outside Spain, and this year Morocco was the invited country

During SIL there have been several conferences and networking events. Among other,s there have been the "11th Mediterranean Logistics & Transport Forum", the "Smart energy" conference which has discusses about new energy sources such as GLP and the use of ITC, and the "EU Core Net Cities", a conference organised by the Barcelona City Council with the aim of creating a network of cities to promote the development of trans-european rail corridors.

This year SIL has also hosted SynergyS, a networking program promoted by Barcelona Activa together with KIMBcn. SynergyS' goal is to create synergies and business opportunities between companies and local SMEs through challenges (addressed by tractor companies) and solutions (provided by other companies in the metropolitan area of Barcelona).

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