Routing Reparto is presentad at the Spurna Showroom

Routing Reparto is presentad at the Spurna Showroom

(24/1/2013) Routing Reparto is a joint initiative of Nexus Geogràfics and Newronia to support planning of routes, so fuel costs are minimized. It is a product that combines, on the one hand, the strong tradition in mapping management by the Nexus Geographic company and, on the other hand, the technological innovation in optimization by Newronia. Precisely due to its ICT innovation component, it has been included in the Showroom of Spurna.

The Showroom is a space in the Narcís Monturiol building at the Technology Park of the University of Girona, which in Spurna, in collaboration with the Association of New Technologies of Girona (AENTEG), aims to show the advances in digital technologies in the field of ICT-Media steered and developed in the Girona.

Routing Reparto optimizes workers time, the number of vehicles used for transportation or service displacements, improve customer service by fulfilling the established schedules, being driving regulatory compliant, while reducing mileage and therefore reducing CO2 emissions.

Routing Reparto represents a first step towards the inclusion of sustainable strategies in SMEs.

Yesterday's ceremony was presented by Jordi Soler (Director of Spurna), Josep Calbò (Knowledge Transfer and Research Vice Chancellor of the University of Girona), Joan Ribas (President of AENTEG), and Marta Madrenas (Deputy Mayor of Girona).

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