We have the high speed train!

We have the high speed train!

(8/1/2013) Finally Girona is connected with the high speed train. The rates announced are very attractive, especially if we consider the promises of punctuality accompanying AVE. Also, the availability of up to 9 daily trains suggests that Girona not only has the infrastructure, but also the responsible have taken into account its use.

As all parliaments given in the day of the last section opened, this is a very important infrastructure for the economy, and especially for the tourism sector, and

it represents a first step towards the Mediterranean corridor which opens the doors to freight transportation.

Meanwhile, the movement of passengers offer, surely, an impulse for the mobility of all of us, who may participate in a collective means of transport more sustainable than the private car. Also AVE provides business opportunities for the last mile carriers, among others.

Video of the opening ceremony

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