Advances in electric mobility

Advances in electric mobility
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(27/11/2012) Last week, the European Electric Vehicle Congress (EEVC-2012) was held in Brussels. The conference addressed all aspects of these vehicles: from manufacturing, manufacturing of components (batteries), the platforms necessary for operation (load points, parking places), intelligent systems to support decision making, reliability and durability, its uses, and its recycling.

Among the issues discussed, it was highlighted the need to define standards for their implementation, and in the development of these standards to take into account small and medium transport related companies (retailers). What is clear is that

the electric vehicle is the necessary way to sustainable mobility.

From a practical point of view, some results on the use of electric vehicles were presented together with the impact on different businesses. In particular, there is a widespread use of electric scooters by fast food companies (delivering pizzas at home). On a larger scale, it seems that hybrid technology is applied with greater success. Among the participants, there were a large number of cities that make use of the electric bus.

Finally, the route optimization and intelligent transportation system have the challenge ahead of adapting to this new technology.

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