Decision on the location of services to cover a geographic area

Decision on the location of services to cover a geographic area

(02/10/2012) The problem of where to locate stores or buildings to provide services to customers so that distribution costs are minimized is a complex problem that every company solves with the best of its knowledge. Installing a company in a new place is a rare experience, and many efforts are devoted to analyse the market before making any step forward. However, sometimes it is necessary to check whether the services being provided from a site meet the expectations of customers, always changing, and the presence of competitors.

Newronia, has participated in a master's work at the University of Girona with the aim of studying how to rethink the services to be provided by a set of facilities. The study analysed the impact of global strategies for a group of companies, showing that

cooperation leads to an improvement, on average, in the benefits of all participants.

This type of collaboration between companies is in line with other current initiatives about load sharing, very active and that are defining social networks in the field of transport and logistics.

However, this study presents some limitations. As said, results have been provided in "average”. Now, it is necessary to deepen with the detailed analysis and see how the profits and losses at the individual level are distributed, and to develop appropriate compensatory mechanisms.

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