World Sailing Championship: lightness and speed with clean energy

World Sailing Championship: lightness and speed with clean energy

(24/07/2012) Today is the last day of the World Sailing Championship which has been held from 12th to 24th July. A total of 14 days of racing, with 250 sailors from 15 different countries have met in l’Escala during these days. During the first days (12th to 17th) the open took place, which was the last option to participate in the championship that is ending today.

The championship concerns light sailing boats, known as an international class Europe. Anyone who sees them steered by the participants is astonished with how they sail in strong winds and ride high waves.

With a "piece of cloth" they are able to reach incredible speeds.

The first classified, pending the outcome of today's races, are a Norwegian man (Nicholas Fadl Martinsen) and a Swedish woman (Anna Mikkelsen). But the Catalans are doing a fantastic role: Gerard Marin is in the second position of the men classification, and Albert Codinachs in the fifth; Neus Garriga and Eli Largues are in the fourth and fifth position respectively in the women's ranking.

People who has not enjoyed the show, is encouraged to visit the website of the championship and watch the videos. Will we be able, in the future, to develop a road vehicle that can catch the wind in such a way that we can enjoy a more sustainable transport system?

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