SIL: New business models with low CO2 transport

SIL: New business models with low CO2 transport

(12/06/12) Last week the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL) was held in Barcelona. As every year, there were numerous technology products to improve transport efficiency. What is interesting to observe among the new features is the new means of transport that provide an alternative to the sector and that cost less than current means regarding CO2.

River transport, cycling, and the electric car: new business models.

First, at the Latin American Summit, Marcelo Perrupato, Secretary of National Transportation Policy in Brazil, presented his country's proposal to take advantage of rivers as new transport means. In general, the Latin American Summit showed very good business opportunities and development of transportation in Mexico, Chile and Brazil.

Another alternative means of transport is the bicycle, which was presented at SIL as a means of transport for goods. In particular, the Vienenbici company exhibited a prototype called cargociclo made by Keelwit, as the result of a project carried out in collaboration with the Centre of Innovation for Logistics and Road Transport (CITET).

Finally, the CLEM company introduced its electric cars catalogue. This means of transport cannot be ignored given the current climate of sustainability and the evolution of fuel prices.

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