II Forum of UdG Parc Cientific i Tecnològic

II Forum of UdG Parc Cientific i Tecnològic

(28/11/11) The Forum calls on the one hand several organizations, companies and research groups in the Parc, and other business organizations in the province of Girona, Barcelona and southern France.

The main goal is to publicize its activities and promote interaction and networking between them.

The institutions of the Parc will make a presentation to introduce their activity throughout the day. Newronia will present Newronia Plan It! a software component that allows other software to include skills for planning and optimization of vehicle fleets.

Simultaneously, there will be several panels discussing experiences the relevant speakers had in the following topics: Internationalization, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Trends in R & D. Javier Murillo, founder of Newronia, has been invited to the entrepreneurship panel to expose his experience as a young entrepreneur and explain some aspects of spin-offs.

Throughout the day there will be B2B meetings, which have been previously scheduled. However, meetings may also occur spontaneously.

From Newronia we encourage and recommend everyone to attend this forum and learn about the Parc organizations working in various fields such as: biotechnology, food and health, tick-media, new production technologies, materials, energy, environment, innovation, business development and social sciences.

Read more: www.forumparcudg.com

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