(18/07/2012) This week has been held in Brussels the Info Days dedicated to research and innovation programs of the EU in the transport sector. The first day was focused on surface transport (road, rail, maritime) and the second day was dedicated to air transport.

The conference was organized by ETNA (European National Contact Points Transport Alliance), and supported by the European Commission. The organizers have expressed their surprise by the high number of participants in the day dedicated to surface transportation.

There have been about 700 people registered.

In the morning session, various Commission officials have presented different research programs and innovation patterns in the transport sector. In the afternoon different project ideas has been presented with the aim of looking for partners. The recurrent topics are energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction.

Thevideo of the day will be posted soon here. Another interesting site is, where you can find some of the publications distributed along the day. At the headquarters of Newronia you have available copies of publications for review.

(12/06/12) Last week the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL) was held in Barcelona. As every year, there were numerous technology products to improve transport efficiency. What is interesting to observe among the new features is the new means of transport that provide an alternative to the sector and that cost less than current means regarding CO2.

River transport, cycling, and the electric car: new business models.

First, at the Latin American Summit, Marcelo Perrupato, Secretary of National Transportation Policy in Brazil, presented his country's proposal to take advantage of rivers as new transport means. In general, the Latin American Summit showed very good business opportunities and development of transportation in Mexico, Chile and Brazil.

Another alternative means of transport is the bicycle, which was presented at SIL as a means of transport for goods. In particular, the Vienenbici company exhibited a prototype called cargociclo made by Keelwit, as the result of a project carried out in collaboration with the Centre of Innovation for Logistics and Road Transport (CITET).

Finally, the CLEM company introduced its electric cars catalogue. This means of transport cannot be ignored given the current climate of sustainability and the evolution of fuel prices.

(18/05/12) Recently, the Nexobus newspaper echoed the publication by the IRU (International Road Transport Union) about the new European regulation EU 181/2011 concerning the rights of passengers in transportation road.
The legislation covers different aspects regarding disabled passengers care, responding to passengers in case of accidents and delays, and the obligations of transportation companies to address the rights of passengers. The regulation makes a lot of emphasis on the need to keep passengers informed.

Real-time information management will be a key issue to be regulatory compliant and minimize the impact of incidents

Before the incidents occur, it is more interesting to predict and prevent them to minimize their impact. If they occur, the sooner the information arrives, the better reaction can be taken. Information technologies are an essential tool for both prevention and to comply with the new regulation. This regulation will be applicable from March 2013.

Newronia Temps de Flors

(11/05/12) From May 12th to 20th, Girona holds its 57th Exhibition of Flowers, Monuments, Patios and Garden.
The City, and especially the Old Town buildings open their doors to show people hidden courtyards and gardens, which are decorated with floral art. Different artists work all year to offer these days a spectacle of rare beauty.

The flower exhibition is a perfect excuse to visit Girona

Newronia, with its headquarters in Girona, contributes to the success of the exhibition, featuring floral image of the company.


(06/02/12) Newronia team has moved to a new larger space within the technology park.

The facility, located on the second floor of the building Narcís Monturiol allow us to move forward with our projects.

Newronia moves to the space P2-B05 of Science and Technology Park

You can find us in the space P2-B05. We hope to stay long in this new place and leave it only in the case we got much bigger. You are all invited to visit us!

For those of you who do not know the Science and Technology Park, University of Girona (PCIT), it is located in C/Emili Grahit 91, 17003 Girona. The park has 73,000 m2 of land in an area adjacent to the University Campus Montilivi and a road directly linking the two areas. You can find more information on

We want to thank the responsibles of the park for their help and willingness to offer us this new space.


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