(8/1/2013) Finally Girona is connected with the high speed train. The rates announced are very attractive, especially if we consider the promises of punctuality accompanying AVE. Also, the availability of up to 9 daily trains suggests that Girona not only has the infrastructure, but also the responsible have taken into account its use.

As all parliaments given in the day of the last section opened, this is a very important infrastructure for the economy, and especially for the tourism sector, and

it represents a first step towards the Mediterranean corridor which opens the doors to freight transportation.

Meanwhile, the movement of passengers offer, surely, an impulse for the mobility of all of us, who may participate in a collective means of transport more sustainable than the private car. Also AVE provides business opportunities for the last mile carriers, among others.

Video of the opening ceremony

Merry Christmas

(21/12/2012) Newronia team wishes you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a prosperous 2013.
During the year 2012 we have worked hard to optimize Santa Claus delivery routes and we hope that he will bring many gifts to everybody.

Merry Christmas!

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(27/11/2012) Last week, the European Electric Vehicle Congress (EEVC-2012) was held in Brussels. The conference addressed all aspects of these vehicles: from manufacturing, manufacturing of components (batteries), the platforms necessary for operation (load points, parking places), intelligent systems to support decision making, reliability and durability, its uses, and its recycling.

Among the issues discussed, it was highlighted the need to define standards for their implementation, and in the development of these standards to take into account small and medium transport related companies (retailers). What is clear is that

the electric vehicle is the necessary way to sustainable mobility.

From a practical point of view, some results on the use of electric vehicles were presented together with the impact on different businesses. In particular, there is a widespread use of electric scooters by fast food companies (delivering pizzas at home). On a larger scale, it seems that hybrid technology is applied with greater success. Among the participants, there were a large number of cities that make use of the electric bus.

Finally, the route optimization and intelligent transportation system have the challenge ahead of adapting to this new technology.

(02/10/2012) The problem of where to locate stores or buildings to provide services to customers so that distribution costs are minimized is a complex problem that every company solves with the best of its knowledge. Installing a company in a new place is a rare experience, and many efforts are devoted to analyse the market before making any step forward. However, sometimes it is necessary to check whether the services being provided from a site meet the expectations of customers, always changing, and the presence of competitors.

Newronia, has participated in a master's work at the University of Girona with the aim of studying how to rethink the services to be provided by a set of facilities. The study analysed the impact of global strategies for a group of companies, showing that

cooperation leads to an improvement, on average, in the benefits of all participants.

This type of collaboration between companies is in line with other current initiatives about load sharing, very active and that are defining social networks in the field of transport and logistics.

However, this study presents some limitations. As said, results have been provided in "average”. Now, it is necessary to deepen with the detailed analysis and see how the profits and losses at the individual level are distributed, and to develop appropriate compensatory mechanisms.

(24/07/2012) Today is the last day of the World Sailing Championship which has been held from 12th to 24th July. A total of 14 days of racing, with 250 sailors from 15 different countries have met in l’Escala during these days. During the first days (12th to 17th) the open took place, which was the last option to participate in the championship that is ending today.

The championship concerns light sailing boats, known as an international class Europe. Anyone who sees them steered by the participants is astonished with how they sail in strong winds and ride high waves.

With a "piece of cloth" they are able to reach incredible speeds.

The first classified, pending the outcome of today's races, are a Norwegian man (Nicholas Fadl Martinsen) and a Swedish woman (Anna Mikkelsen). But the Catalans are doing a fantastic role: Gerard Marin is in the second position of the men classification, and Albert Codinachs in the fifth; Neus Garriga and Eli Largues are in the fourth and fifth position respectively in the women's ranking.

People who has not enjoyed the show, is encouraged to visit the website of the championship and watch the videos. Will we be able, in the future, to develop a road vehicle that can catch the wind in such a way that we can enjoy a more sustainable transport system?


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