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(05/02/2014) Last week took place the presentation of the study "Analysis of the situation and measures design to improve and professionalize adapted transport to the region of Valles Occidental". According to D-CAS, the company behind the study, the information gathered can give a first answer to the two main demands of municipalities: provide adapted transport with a common regulation, and

move towards planning and management of adapted transport routes at the county level.

The planning challenges the study analyses include: long and low optimized routes (dispersion among municipalities and centres, taxis and rising costs, direct subsidies without providing the service, demand for establishing shared routes), tailored routes (attention to the specific needs of users and requirements, coordination with other home care services), and a dynamic service (discharges and leaves caused especially by elderly, schedule changes during the months of summer).

Attendees at the presenation included members of all the municipality councils in the region, and of course Newronia responsible for the proposed solution for route planning of the study. The calculation of these routes has been done with Plan-it!.

Several institutions and media mentioned the presentation of the study, including the Vallès Occidental County Council, and the newspapers Nació Digital and La Vanguardia.

This is family time. Take a break. Enjoy Christmas. Newronia wishes you the best for 2014

Logo Smart City Expo

(25/11/2013) On Novembre 19, 20 and 21, the 3rd edition of Smart City Expo took place at the Gran Via venue of Fira de Barcelona. It was composed of the conference and the exhibition.

On one hand, the conference has got together world leading experts, such as Richard Florida, professor at the University of Toronto, or Ken Larsson from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), who have shared their idees about the Smart Cities of the future.

Different strategies to face the coming problems of cities have been discussed, including environmental threats, the over consumption of non-renewable resources or the ageing of the infrastructures.

On the other hand, companies providing solutions to smart cities have presented their most innovative products and solutions in the exhibition. There were more than 160 companies from all over the world. Some of the solutions presented included intelligent urban waste collection using containers that can inform about their available capacity, monitoring and management systems of electrical energy, or intelligent control of public lights.

In the stand of Nexus Geografics, Newronia's partner, the visitors could see the urban delivery and pick-up route optimisation system Routing Reparto.

(21/10/2013) The R&D team of Newronia has improved its Plan it! algorithm for route planning by providing it with new capabilities and reducing its execution time by 5%.

The intelligent algorithm Plan it! uses techniques based on Artificial Intelligence to determine how best to deploy clients to visit amongst different vehicles in a fleet and what is the best visit order to minimize costs and meet delivery windows of customers.

The new version provides new capabilities and has reduced the computation time by 5%

One of the new features introduced is the possibility to have several tanks in vehicles allowing route calculation taking into account the need to refill each different content. This improvement is very useful to optimize routes in sectors such as waste collection or transport of gasoil.

The hard quality tests which has undergone the algorithm have given a positive result and the algorithm will be shortly added to Routing Reparto.

Sant Feliu

(27/09/2013) On Sunday 29 the sustainable mobility fair will be celebrated in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, which tries to present alternatives to transportation. According to its organizers have announced, we will see electric bicycles, motorcycles, cars, ...

A good opportunity to get close to Sant Feliu and test this type of vehicle.

On the one hand, we know that the use of electric motors is sustainable because they do not pollute. But we do not know what is the energy source that generates the electricity with which we load the batteries. As sustainable technology, solar panels are the current trend. However, we do not know yet how this technology is implemented in cars. On the other hand, solar panels are not the only alternative. Some days ago, somebody propose alternatives based on hydrogen, for example, and we do not know what has happen to them. In any case, if the price of electricity continues its increasing race, we need to be aware at what price we will pay for sustainability.

In relation to this event, it is interesting to book in the agenda the date of October 1, the technical event: "Integrated solutions for sustainability, electric mobility and energy efficiency to companies and public bodies in the vicinity of the province of Girona" organized by the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia (Girona Region), where it seems that at the end of the journey we will also have occasion to test electric vehicles.


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