(11/05/2017) A few months ago, an autonomous truck drove about 200km to deliver a container of beer. Although we are still far from seeing our roads filled with autonomous fleets, we are making steps towards it.

Artificial Intelligence will drive logistic companies of the future

Meanwhihle, though, there are many aspects with the logistics sector where artificial intelligence can provide huge benefits. In particular, big data analysis will allow to better understand customers' preferences. This, combined with an intelligent management of fleets and their routes, will make these companies more efficient. Only those who adopt these new technologies will be the ones the will succeed in the near future.

(08/05/2015) Tomorrow morning, Saturday May 9th the Flower Festival will be inaugurated in the Cathedral steps. The streets, monuments, patios and gardens of the Girona are filled with flowers. It is the single occasion of the year when courtyards of the stately homes of the city are open, and you can visit them decorated with flowers designs of all kinds.

On the occasion of the 60th celebration of this festival, the best dessert chef in the world, Jordi Roca, has created a limited edition chocolate.

Visit the festival's website for information on the different open courtyards and activities.

Do not miss any activity!

And of course, if you come from abroad, take advantage of these spring days to discover the city of Girona and the Costa Brava.

Fira d'empreses

(06/05/2015) This week Newronia has participated in the Business Fair held at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Barcelona. The fair is presented as an opportunity to strengthen relations between industry and university, with special emphasis on the field of research, innovation and new technologies.

The fair reaches its eighth edition. In previous years more than 50 companies attended, in addition to a dozen spin-offs, meaning that it has become one of the most successful fairs of this kind. The high participation of undergraduate and masters students (2500-3000 students) is an indicator of the interest of students in the labour market.

The lack of professionals, especially in the Information Technology and Communications sector is a problem for many companies. So

this fair represents an opportunity to attract new talents in enterprises.

During the day, Newronia contacted with different students with great potential.

(28/04/2015) On April 28 it took place in the Castle of Sant Ferran de Figueres Seminar about networks and logistics services of South Europe, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Girona. The conference focused on the presentation of the ifreightmed project, which is geared to better use existing infrastructures.

25% of goods coming from Asia to central Europe pass through Barcelona and Valencia; 75% prefer to continue to reach the ports of northern Europe because it is cheaper then transport the goods from the Netherlands / Hamburg to central Germany. The Mediterranean corridor, promoted mainly by Ferrmed, represents an opportunity for the Girona region to correct this trend.

Although the emphasis of the conference was focused on intermodal transport (ship, rail, road), it became clear that

the road transport is still the most competitive mean.

Factors influencing this fact include the personal attention of a driver to the cargo versus rail cars, for example, that in case of failure, it is not treated quickly enough. Transportation by train will get his chance on long journeys, heavy goods, and depends largely on filling rail cars at return.

(03/03/2015) Routing Reparto, powered by the optimization engine of Newronia, has participated in the Mobile World Congress held during the first week of March, and thanks to the support offered by the Department of Enterprise and Employment of the Generalitat de Catalunya. In total 52 Catalan companies and 8 technological centres have been exhibited.

Companies have been selected for their innovative profile

The importance of this event lies not only in the number of participants (85,000), or the creation of 12,361 temporary jobs, or 397 million economic impact, but the return on long-term business of all the participating companies.

Already looking forward to attending the next edition.


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