Newronia develops optimisation components that are more intelligent than standard ones by adding concepts such as <strong>robustness</storng> and <strong>fairness</strong>Robust solutions minimise the effects of unexpected events and take into account all <strong>alternatives</strong>, making such solutions more <strong>applicable</strong> to real world problemsWith a fair distribution of resources we can optimise not only at short-term, but also at <strong>long-term</strong>, reducing the risk of problems with the resources and improving the satisfaction of clients and workers.Newronia's optimisation components are adaptable to <strong>new problems</strong> as well as to clients with <strong>special technical requirements</strong>

The most important technical innovations of Newronia's technology are:

  • Robustness: solutions are robust against unexpected events such as vehicle break downs or traffic congestions. The proposed solutions minimise the effects of such events and take into account all alternatives.
  • Fairness: the history of previous plannings is taken into account, so that the resources are fairly allocated, aiming at distributing work load and increase the life of resources.
  • Adaptability: development of optimisation components that can be adapted to other domains and for clients with special requirements.

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