Newronia develops computer applications based on <strong>artificial intelligence</strong> that help in the decision making, specially when a large number of variables and constraints are involved.Newronia carries out project to optimize the use of resources in enterprises, achieving a reduction in costs, <strong>increase productivity</strong> andminimizing <strong>environmental impact</strong>.The daily process of deciding the route for each vehicle is very repetitive and tedious and it can be automated, <strong>saving time</strong> and finding solutions that <strong>minimize costs</strong>, among other criteria.Newronia has a compromise with the <strong>environment</strong>, taking initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions. We will soon track the savings on gas emissions thanks to our activity.

Newronia Plan it!

Fleet optimization software component for integrators. Plan it! It integrates with other applications by adding optimization capabilities.
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Routing Reparto

Online system designed to plan routes with multiple stops, reduce transportation costs and maximize the number of customers visited.
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Custom Projects

Newronia performs optimization projects as designing the software to the specific needs of each company.
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Notícies Newronia

(28/04/2015) On April 28 it took place in the Castle of Sant Ferran de Figueres Seminar about networks and logistics services of South Europe, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Girona.

(03/03/2015) Routing Reparto, powered by the optimization engine of Newronia, has participated in the Mobile World Congress.

Safetrx screenshot

(06/08/14) Recently, "Salvamento Marítimo” (the Spanish marine search and rescue department) has launched the mobile application Safetrx to track boats’ courses.


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