Plan it! features


Newronia Plan it! receives as input a list of services with their characteristics, a list of vehicle with their features, a distance matrix, a set of restrictions and a set of optimisation criteria. As output, it returns the assignment of services to vehicles, as well as an assignment of times the satisfy the restrictions and optimise the given criteria.

The characteristics that Newronia Plan it! takes into account is enlarged every day. Some of them are the following:

  • Delays with respect to defined arrival time windows.
  • Extra working hours.
  • Maximum driving time.
  • Fulfilment of drivers pauses.
  • Fulfilment of constraints.
  • Service priorities.
  • Fair work distribution among the fleet.
  • Possibility of executing several optimisation problems at the same time.

Plan it! can be adapted to a wide range of areas, not only to freight transportation, but also to ambulance fleet, bicycle systems, passenger transportation, waste recollection, etc.

Optimisation criteria

The optimisation criteria can be selected according to the user's needs, as well as the constraints that must be satisfied. Optimisation is based on an objective functions, which can be defined by giving weights to each criteria:

  • Economic cost: working hours, kilometres traveled, extra working hours, fixed vehicle costs, etc.
  • Maximise the execution of priority services in cases where not all services can be satisfied.
  • Minimise the delay for arrival time, when not all services can be done at their given time windows.
  • Fair distribution of workload among workers.

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